Casey King

Property Investment Manager - Trainee

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Good morning! Yesterday I came into your office seeking assistance to find a rental for my cousin moving from interstate. I had been into every real estate in your vicinity, & have spoken to most in the area....I would like to tell you how grateful I was to have finally found an office that actually assisted me – I realise that the process is a time consuming one, & from what I’ve seen this week, there are so many (probably not as many as your property manager would like!) prospective tenants looking, that if each one of them requested the assistance I did yesterday, it would simply not be feasible. I will therefore be shortlisting the properties in preference to your office. Something I think your competition has forgotten- not all tenants will permanently be tenants. Perhaps this tenant will buy once they’ve settled!! Furthermore, I myself am a landlord, unhappy with the office I am contracted with at the moment, & from the way I was treated yesterday (as a potential tenant) yours is one of only 2 that I would consider to manage my property. So a big congratulations to you, & a huge THANK YOU to your reception staff for your service- they were a credit to their team. Kind regards,

Sue Perkins