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To whom it may concern, I am writing to let you know that your staff member at the front desk of LJ Hooker Rockingham, Jessica Renn, provided me with exceptional service last week. On Friday afternoon, I submitted my application for one of LJ Hooker’s rental properties. This was my first time to submit an application with a professional company, like LJ Hooker. All of my previous rental experiences have been private, so I was nervous. Adding to my nerves was that I am now a “single mother.” But within seconds of walking in the front door, Jessica was quite naturally easing my nerves. I found Jessica to be very hospitable and approachable. As part of my nerves I was worried what side of the desk I should be standing and asked Jessica what she preferred. In a kind and warm manner, she replied “wherever you are most comfortable.” Jessica was also welcoming of my children, which always makes me happy. For example, my youngest daughter wanted me to lift her up so she could have a better view of Jessica and see what was happening. But my daughter is seven years old and is too heavy for me to lift, so I told my daughter to just stand. Jessica intuitively encouraged my youngest daughter to come to the other side where she could see things better. The aspect of Jessica’s service that really stood out was how genuine she was in her service. I felt as though she was honestly happy to answer my many questions and converse with me about my situation. When I complained about my current rental property, Jessica’s responses conveyed sincere empathy. Jessica gave me the impression that LJ Hooker cares about me and my situation, which I wasn’t anticipating from a professional company. As a result of my experience on Friday when I submitted my application with Jessica Renn, I now have a positive outlook on renting with LJ Hooker Rockingham. And I write to you so that you are aware of Jessica’s outstanding service. Sincerely,

Darcee Schulze

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